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VoCoVo is a smart, robust wireless team communication solution which allows customer-facing teams to stay completely connected with each other and engaged with their customers. Customer-facing teams who are empowered to collaborate, communicate and connectwith each other are able to deliver exceptional customer experience - with VoCoVo, you can do just that.

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A plug and play team communications system, the "GO" system can accommodate up to 29 users from a single base station unit and provide instant communications to enhance customer service. The VoCoVo base unit is central to the "GO" system which creates the wireless network that headsets connect to via virtual conference.

The modular multi-unit charge rack can store and charge up to 5 headsets at a time – once a unit is placed into the charger, it switches to standby mode. A VoCoVo “GO” system is ideal for smaller retail outlets, DIY stores, garden centres, tourist attractions, leisure facilities and restaurants.

VoCoVo GO+

The VoCoVo "GO+" system takes the GO to the next level by connecting up to 68 users and up to 2 call points. The GO+ system uses the same base station as the GO system along with VoCoVo's Controller, which creates workflows outside of the normal conference mode. The Controller also enables multiple base units to create a multi-conference (channel) system for teams that require separate talk groups.

The VoCoVo controller allows for other hardware devices to be paired within the conference such as call points, keypads and handsets to bridge the gap between customers and employees by significantly reducing waiting times and allowing staff to respond to customer queries with a great degree of flexibility.


VoCoVo Headsets are lightweight and simple to use. They are based on the DECT frequency so avoid busy channels such as WiFi, Bluetooth and other Radio equipment. VoCoVo Headsets provide crystal clear real-time communication for your team.


VoCoVo Handsets are light, robust and simple to use, mimicking the feature set of an indistrial-style mobile phone. Like VoCoVo Headsets, they deliver crystal-clear audio communication for real-time natural conversations both in and outdoors.

Call Points

VoCoVo Call Points can be used with the VoCoVo Controller, allowing customers to request attention from your team at the location where it is required. By touching the call point, an audible message is delivered directly to the team through headsets and handsets. A two-way communication channel can be opened with certain models.

VoCoVo Controller

The VoCoVo Controller expands the core functions of the system, making it highly scalable. The VoCoVo controller can be located anywhere on-site and connects to VoCoVo base units using standard ethernet cabling. VoCoVo Controller(s) can communicate with each other across networks offering truly integrated team communication solutions across the enterprise.

VoCoVo Base Unit

The VoCoVo Base Unit provides the core infrastrucutre required to build a VoCoVo communication system. They can be used standalone or linked to provide a multi-channel solution. The Base Unit has a range of around 300 metres (within sight) which can be extended with multiple units on by using a VoCoVo Repeater(s).

VoCoVo Repeater

The VoCoVo Repeater extends the usable distance of the VoCoVo system affordably and unobtrusively. In standalone setups, the Repeater can be provided to extend coverage where a multi-base unit installation would normally be required.

Colleagues loved the headsets, which enabled them to better connect to their team, customers and operations. The voice system is now a mandatory part of the uniform across 2,600 stores.

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