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VoCoVo GO 5 User System

VoCoVo GO 5 User System

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The VoCoVo GO system is designed to work straight out of the box and provides teams with instant full, semi or single-duplex communications. Simply power up the Base Unit, switch on the headsets and you are ready to communicate. The system is based upon the 1.9GHz (DECT) frequency which is license free across the UK & Europe and avoids the busy 2.4GHz frequency.

At the heart of the system is VoCoVo Base Unit which creates the wireless communication network. The Base Unit can be used standalone to connect up to 29 users, or, can be networked with multiple units to create a multiple conference (channel) solution. The internal omni-directional antennas provide a working distance of up to 300 metres and can be extended at a later date with the addition of VoCoVo Repeaters. An IP54/65 rated enclosure version is also available for outdoor installations.

VoCoVo Headsets are simple to use and have been built using proven digital radio technology, no more crackling communications and buttons to press on traditional walkie-talkie/two-way radios. With VoCoVo conferenced technology, colleagues are free to concentrate on the task, not the tool. Headsets are default push-to-talk but can simply be placed in Talk-Lock mode for full-duplex conversation which means you can listen to others whilst talking, just like a face-to-face meeting. VoCoVo Headsets are available in three styles, headband, earhook or neckband. They are lightweight and include padded earpieces.

VoCoVo Headsets feature a 48-hour talk time battery life and will fully charge from flat in around three hours by using the supplied 5-Way Desktop Multi-Charger. Headsets feature a working range of up to 120 metres which can be extended easily by using VoCoVo Repeaters. Registering a new headset to your system is super simple, just place the new headset in the charge rack for a few seconds and then remove.


  • 5 X VoCoVo Pro Headset
  • 5 X Headband for Pro Headset
  • 1 X VoCoVo Pulse IP20 Base Unit (inc. Universal Mount)
  • 1 X VoCoVo Base Unit Power Supply
  • 1 X VoCoVo Voice 5-Way Desktop Multi-Charger
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