Eartec UltraLITE

Full duplex wireless headsets that provide hands free, two-way voice communications. 

Wireless Talkback Systems

Essential for providing communication between members of any production team. Whether it be a school production, church, theatre, outdoor event, rally, sporting event or everyday business, conversations between teams are an essential part of any production.

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Lightweight & Compact

A self-contained ‘All-in-One’ design that eliminates headset wires and belt worn radios, with a transceive built into the ear cup for complete performance, comfort and convenience.

Self Contained ‘All-in-One’ Design
Eliminates wires or belt-worn radios
DECT Technology
Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications
Lithium Polymer Batteries
Provide continuous 6 hr operation
No Licensing
Ready to go, right out of the box
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We are an official UK Distributor for Eartec products.

Eartec are a leading manufacturer of industrial team communication systems since 1961, offering cost effective and affordable, simultaneous talk, full duplex wireless transceivers – popular for hands-free communication.

More about Eartec Visit eartec.com

“The system should prove to be an invaluable communications tool for most small to mid-sized productions.”