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Hollyland Intercom

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Introducing solid, portable and affordable full-duplex communication from Hollyland Technology. The Mars T1000 and Syscom 1000T supports up to 1000ft of two-way, simultaneous voice communication without latency. Lightweight beltpacks provide over 8 hours of talk time, an easy to use OLED screen, support for an external wireless tally, and a 3.5mm connector compatible with multiple headset types.

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Mars T1000

The Mars T1000 is a compact communications kit, consisting of a base station and four wireless beltpacks. The base station features an OLED Screen which displays the real time status of each beltpack. On the go? Use the NPF 970 battery slot to power the system for up to 20 hours. Also featuring 4x USB ports to re-charge the beltpacks (or other devices) and to allow for future firmware upgrades. Connect two base stations together to create a 10 person kit or interconnect with a third-party wired or wireless system.

Compact Beltpacks

The compact and lightweight beltpacks allow for over 8 hours of talk time with the integrated 1600mAh lithium battery. They can be charged from the base station by using the supplied USB cable, or from an external power source. The beltpack is also compatible with 2A fast charging devices. Beltpacks can be paired with any Hollyland base station and support an external tally. Featuring a well rounded design built in Aluminium, and a size that's smaller than most large smartphones.


Included with the Mars T1000 kit are five single-ear headsets. These headsets feature a dynamic microphone with noise cancellation on a swivel boom arm and a 3.5mm jack connector. The microhpone can be muted from the beltpack or by swivelling the boom arm upwards. The kit includes four headsets for each beltpack and a fifth to be connected directly to the base station.

Syscom 1000T

The Syscom 1000T is a 1U rack mountable communications kit that expands on the feature set of the Mars T1000. The base station supports up to 8 wireless beltpacks and can be interconnected with a third-party talkback system. It features a built in loudspeaker and XLR gooseneck microphone (included) for a director or stage manager. It has the same headset input jack as the Mars T1000 which allows a ninth person to communicate with the wireless beltpack users.


Standard: DECT 6.0 (Digital Enhanced Cordless Telecommunications)

Frequency: 1.9GHz (UK/EU)

Channel Bandwidth: 1.728 MHz

Range: Up to 1000ft (Line of Sight)

Modulation Mode: GFSK

Full Charge Time: Up to 2 hours

Operation Time: Over 8 hours

Transmit Power: ≤ 24dBm

Beltpack Power: Integrated 1600mAh Polymer Lithium Battery

Storage Temperature: -20 C to 60 C

Operating Temperature: 0 C to 40 C

Warranty: 12 Months

Hollyland has put together a very solid, remarkably affordable offering for the intercom market.

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